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William Vambenepe — Twitter changes the rules for URLs in tweets: the end of privacy or the end of the 140 character limit?

tags: Twitter, URL, privacy

Twitter has decided that for our good and their own it would be better if any time you click a link in a tweet the request first went to Twitter before being redirected to the intended destination. This blog entry announces the decision, but a lot of the interesting details are hidden in the more technical description of the change sent to the Twitter developers mailing list.

url: http://stage.vambenepe.com/archives/1514

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Taking Choqok to the Next Level | KDE.news

tags: KDE, Choqok, Twitter
choqok screenshot

Anyone who has taken a class in economics is familiar with the difference between the direct cost of something and its 'opportunity cost'. Developing free software is a great example of this difference. A KDE developer does not have to spend hundreds of dollars on an SDK, he only needs to give up some of his time to develop.

url: http://www.kdenews.org/2010/05/06/taking-choqok-next-level

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