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Brian versus Sleep

Last night i was working on GP as usual. For the last few nights this week me and Sleep have been battling each other. After a late dinner i'll get to work programming. Around 9pm Sleep hits me hard. I'll crash on the couch until midnight or 3am, then return to work. Two nights ago i thought i could work out an idea as i laid down...

Nope! Sleep knocked me out.

But last night, i made a strong come back. I laid down to figure something out and i got the solution before Sleep hit me.

Tonight i look forward to implementing it.


Previously, i've written a function to take the substring of an XML string, while preserving well-formedness. E.g. xml_substring( "<p>The brown <span class='light'>cow jumped over the lazy</span> moon</p>", 50 ) produces <p>The brown <span class='light'>cow jump</span></p>. What i need now is the rest of the string, i.e <p><span class='light'>ed over the lazy</span> moon.</p>. And i figured a way to build this into my recursive algorithm. So far i see only one problem with this, viz. an element with an id attribute can't be split into two.

Working Late Night

I have this poor habit of falling asleep after dinner. I'll be working on some code and i need to work some idea out in my head. So i go lay down. Zonk, i'm out. Tonight i happened to wake up at 11pm. So i'm back at work.

Work tonight means finding a way to inject <options/>s into a form after submitting a subform. For example let's say you filling in a book review form. It has a drop down to select the book. But the book isn't there yet. So you click on a link, fill out another form, and return a handle to that book.

We'll see how this idea pans out in practice.

PS This new site i'm working uses TrickleUp as a framework, so i ocassionally modify this site's code. If you notice anything looking bustemajid, just let me know.