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this descending order of articles is really annoying. infact, sometimes it prevents me from checking if you have any new articles (not all of us use rss readers). have you considered thats why the last few articles havnt been commented on?
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TrickleUp Development

Development on TrickleUp resumes with 2 new features. (1) Commenters may now register an acount. An account allows them to take polls. There was a bug here before when TrickleUp tried to create a user when there was one already. (2) The other feature it the ability for admins to delete articles and all children comments at the click of a button.

The next feature i will add is a comment preview. Some people violate rules (too many characters). When they go back to fix, their incompetent browser doesn't have their form prefilled with their post data. (This is one place where Konqueror is better than Firefox.)

But there are other reasons for this improvement. Commenters should be able to see their post to correct typos or formatting.

Oh yeah that's another feature to add: automatic formatting of TXT into XHTML, with something like Textile and Live Comment Previews.

Old Articles

I linked in my old articles. Go to the Blog section to see the last 42 articles. And i fixed links in the Thoughts section

Guitar Test, Truncated XML

After a short workout, i went with Marc directly from work to Guitar Center. We went to the back room were we tested a varied selection of Martins and Taylors.

The Taylors have a tinny and bright sound whereas the Martins have a mellow and full bodied sound. After hearing it, i'm now thinking about the D-28; after all this guitar will last me a lifetime.

I didn't work on the comment feature on account of this dilemma. I want to provide truncated versions of articles on the top page, but don't know how to truncate XML without invalidating it. I do have one idea. Basically read and parse the content maintaining a stack of open tags. Count the number of characters printed. When you hit the limit, close all the open tags in reverse order.

PHP and Java have nice libraries to parse XML. I just prefer Xerces.