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Katie's article on her ring was interesting, as i'm learning about smelting. It's one of Sirion's trades. And i recently saw a show called Rough Science where they made gold.

In WoW, i smelt copper ore into copper bars, tin ore into tin bars, and copper and tin bars into bronze. Yes that's what bronze is.

Rough Science is a great show. It's about a collection of cool scientists from various fields. They're given a mission to produce something using limited resources and simple tools. They currently have 4 series. Besides smelting gold in the last one, they also built a metal detector, built a furnace with bellows, and built a altimeter using a coiled tube. They were able to measure the difference in air pressure over 50 vertical feet.

Meet Sirion

Sirion's Face
2005 January 18th Level 14
Sirion's Face
strength 41
agility 30
stamina 41
intellect 30
spirit 31
armor* 496
melee 82
power 113
main hand off hand ranged
Mace Buckler
Blacksmithing 84/150
Mining 95/150
Cooking 57/75
First Aid 50/150
Fishing 46/75

* this is without weapons or shields