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KMail issue with Sieve

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This "article" is about how KMail needs improvements to their Sieve interface. After a several attempts over the past few months, i've finally got Sieve working.

Not knowing all the workings of Sieve, configuring sieve can be challenging. I'm pretty sure the server was accepting my scripts, but i wasn't sure that they were correct. My emails weren't being filed to their intended folders.

As it turns out, the scripts were correct, but they weren't activated because the circle wasn't filled in Kmail. sieve available scripts with none selected To me they look like bullets or decoration.

They certainly don't looke like real radio buttons. mail client field set with two radio buttons encryption field set with three radio buttonsmessage structure viewer field set with three radio buttons

With one item selected, it looks like this available scripts with one item selected.

How to Configure Sieve

This "article" is about how to configure Sieve. Sieve is a simple filter for email that's used on the client or server side. It's useful to configure it on the server side if you connect from multiple mail user agents (MUAs).

Cyrus IMAP comes with Sieve enabled by default, though distributors may disable it. Start by uncommenting the line in cyrus.conf:

sieve cmd="timsieved" listen="" prefork=0 maxchild=100 Restart cyrus. Test that it works by running this on another machine telnet sieve You should get something like this: "IMPLEMENTATION" "Cyrus timsieved v2.1.18-IPv6-Debian-2.1.18-1+sarge2"

Two tutorials to help you write sieve scripts are Wikipedia's page and FastMailWiki's BasicSieve.

Kmail can upload your script to your IMAP server. First let Kmail know that your server supports it by modifying your IMAP account and setting "Server supports Sieve". You may need to open port 2000 of your firewall.

Then upload your script through the Settings / Manage Sieve Scripts dialog box. You should get a successful response. Finally make sure that your script is activated; make sure the circle "radio button" is filled. If Kmail bitches at you about activating scripts, you can use sieveshell to disactivate all scripts and active one of them.

If i missed any details, please let me know.