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Long Drive

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After a grueling 8 hour drive, i'm safe in NY. I picked up sushi for dinner from the only place i know around here. They didn't have toro (fatty tuna)... fine. But would you believe they didn't have hamachi (yellow tail)? A restaurant review is pending.

Trip to NY

I'm going to Selden, NY to visit my family. It's been a while since i've seen my dad and brother. I'm gonna encourage them to build their website.

The funny thing is, my dad and his brother are visiting their father today.

If i have some free time, i would like to continue my work on this site. I wasn't very happy with one solution to the duplicate author problem. Instead of reading author info and giving a cookie, i may refrain from providing the form, until they get their cookie. Although that presents a problem for newcomers. Ok I'll go with Celeste's suggestion.