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Regarding Color of Links and Accessibiltiy

Seele makes a good point about the color of links or color in general on websites.

First of all i'm not sure i really want links to stand out. I'd prefer that people read my articles in entirely before being distracted by foreign sites. I'll have to think about this more.

Currently, links are dark blue, providing little difference compared to normal text. They become underlined when you put the mouse cursor over them. I like Eli's idea of underlining when the mouse enters the "article" space. He says this is broken in Internet Explorer (IE). Personally i don't give a rat's ass about IE. I think submitting to broken browsers won't improve information technology. While no browser is perfect -- i've found 2 deficiencies in Firefox -- IE is terrible.

I do care about accessibiltiy. Seele refers to a great site that displays your site as a color blind person would see it. It's called Vischeck.

I'm not sure why my site gives Seele a headache when it's only slightly different from Eli's in this respect. Despite this TrickleUp is written entirely from scratch (over 100 php classes), needs improvement, and gets it when i have spare time. I think i will assume that people use a mouse or some sort of 2D cursor. Thus i can use CSS's hover pseudo-class. I will pick up Eli's trick to underline when the mouse enters the article. I will also change the background-color when the mouse is over the link, as i do in the left menu for list items. We'll see how that looks.

Trip to NY

I'm going to Selden, NY to visit my family. It's been a while since i've seen my dad and brother. I'm gonna encourage them to build their website.

The funny thing is, my dad and his brother are visiting their father today.

If i have some free time, i would like to continue my work on this site. I wasn't very happy with one solution to the duplicate author problem. Instead of reading author info and giving a cookie, i may refrain from providing the form, until they get their cookie. Although that presents a problem for newcomers. Ok I'll go with Celeste's suggestion.