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JSON Meta Application Protocol Specification (JMAP)

JMAP is intended to be a new standard for email clients to connect to mail stores. It therefore intends to primarily replace IMAP + SMTP submission. It is also designed to be more generic such that it can be extended with contacts, calendars in the future (replacing CardDAV/CalDAV). It does not replace MTA-to-MTA SMTP transmission.

url: http://jmap.io/

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Helpcentral Help | - SLN7253 - Error "554 5.7.9: Message not accepted for policy reasons" when sending email to Yahoo

"From" and "To" lines example

If your emails aren't being received by Yahoo Mail accounts, here's information that should help you understand why this is happening.

Your message wasn't delivered because Yahoo was unable to verify that it came from a legitimate email sender.

url: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN7253.html?impressions=true

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AOL Mail updates DMARC policy to 'reject' - AOL Postmaster Blog

AOL Postmaster Blog

Today we moved to change our DMARC policy to p=reject. This helps to protect AOL Mail users' addresses from unauthorized use.

It also stops delivery on what previously would have been considered authorized mail sent on behalf of AOL Mail users via non-AOL servers. If you're a bulk sender on behalf of AOL addresses, that probably includes mail sent from you.

url: http://postmaster-blog.aol.com/2014/04/22/aol-mail-updates-dmarc-policy-to-reject/

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