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Brookhaven Bulliten Articles

There's an "article" about Rich in this Brookhaven Bulliten on page 3.

Recently, he was mentioned on page 3 of this bulliten in an "article" called Donating an Organ Can Save a Life.

Long Jump

Rich placed 4th place in the Mens Long Jump Masters 1 with a distance of 10 feet 5 inches. There were 10 contenders.


tags: Dad, Rich, website

I build a website for my Dad.

Fox Interview

I was interviewed yesterday by Fox News for the Transplant Games. It will be shown next week when the games are in progress on the Fox News and the Fox Local Affiliate channels. I had to go into the city [NYC]. They brought me into the "green" room, put make-up on me, and interviewed me for about 3 minutes.


Here's a link to a Webcast of the 2004 U.S. Transplant Games. Coverage starts on Wednesday 7/28 - Opening Ceremony.


This is my schedule:

Thusday Racquetball, doubles
Friday Long jump and High jump
Saturday Racquetball, singles

If I can access a computer when I'm out there I will try to send you updates.

Thanks for your support,