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The 13 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives You Should Look at Today

The 13 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives You Should Look at Today

Yahoo has finally given up on Yahoo Pipes, along with a number of other tools that weren’t making them any money. So, all of us who relied on Yahoo Pipes to clean up dodgy RSS feeds need an alternative. And fast.

url: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/12-best-yahoo-pipes-alternatives-look/

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FactoryCity » Problems with OpenID on Highrise

tags: OpenID, harmful, URL, RSS

Turns out that 37 Signals’ implementation of OpenID could use some… getting real.

Let me go over these issues and provide either resources or remedies.

Look at these three URLs and make a note to yourself about any differences you see:

To a lay person (or even your average geek), these URLs all represent the same thing — especially if you type any of them into the address bar, they’ll land you on my out-of-date homepage.

url: http://factoryjoe.com/blog/2007/03/24/problems-with-openid-on-highrise/

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tags: Atom, RSS, XML
Fixed Atom feed. Thanks to Katie for asking me to fix it.

RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0

tags: Atom, feed, compare, RSS

This is why i provide an Atom feed and not an RSS 2.0 feed.


I like the threading feature. I was gonna subscribe to your Atom or RSS feed, but both seem to be invalid. :(
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