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Debian on G5

Finally, i've done it. I have Debian GNU/Linux running on my G5. It was an adventure.

I started with this image and selected install-power4-2.6. For some reason it doesn't load the sata_svw kernel module. Did that, performed the hardware check, and was then able to see my partitions. Blew them away, and used the guided scheme which is nice. Installed software, rebooted. Blah.. It install a 2.4 kernel, which doesn't work.

So i figured i'll boot from a Gentoo CD. But in order to burn a CD i need OS X, so i reinstalled that, burned the ISO, then reinstalled Debian.

Finally booted from the Gentoo CD, with a root=/dev/sda3 parameter. I get these messages

 /bin/sh: line 1: /dev/tty1: No such file or directory
Reboot in single user mode and created that device file. It wasn't there after reboot so i created a /etc/rcS.d/S01mknod file to create it on boot.

Then rebuilt the kernel using the G5-SMP .config from Gentoo. Built a debian package and installed that. Reboot and AG (All Good).

Some glitches with X, but worked them out. Installed KDE and here i am on Konqueror!

Debian on G5, Sushi

I'm taking another stab at installing Debian GNU/Linux on my G5. The last attempt failed because SATA kernel modules weren't loaded. Even after loading them manually, the device files didn't exist.

Went out last night to downtown Bethesda with Mark. We got a late dinner at Raku. I'm finally learning the Japanese names for sushi. Nigiri are the ones with seafood over rice. Maki are the rolls. I had saba (mackeral) and Sake (salmon).