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DebianOnFreeRunner - Debian Wiki

tags: Debian, OpenMoko
Debian wiki

You can install Debian on your Openmoko Neo FreeRunner, and use that system to fulfill your telephone needs. You can then use almost all of the packages available for Debian, with just one call to apt-get install. It’s still the same full featured Distribution that you know from your desktop or server.

url: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianOnFreeRunner

type: article, format: wiki


tangoGPS - Free user friendly map and gps for Linux || News ||

tags: GPS, GIS, OpenMoko
tangogps logo

tangogps is an easy to use, fast and lightweight mapping application for use with or without GPS.

It runs on any Linux platform from the desktop over eeePC down to phones like the Openmoko Neo.

By default tangoGPS uses map data from the Openstreetmap project. Additionally a variety of other repositories can be easily added.

The maps are automagically downloaded and cached for offline use while you drag or zoom the map.

url: http://www.tangogps.org/

type: project, format: blog


Neo FreeRunner Hardware Issues - Openmoko

Can't boot with discharged or missing battery - Issue: Neo FreeRunner requires battery power to boot, because Neo FreeRunner consumes too much current while booting to boot with only a charger. Since charging isn't enabled until the Neo FreeRunner has booted, this means that a discharged battery can not be charged.

url: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Neo_FreeRunner_Hardware_Issues#Can.27t_boot_with_discharged_or_missing_battery_.28FIXED.29

type: article, format: wiki


Free Software Foundation announces GNUPhone

tags: GNU, phone, OpenMoko
The Free Software Foundation (NASDAQ: RMS) has announced the Free Software alternative to the evil, DRM-infested, locked-down, defective-by-design iPhone: the GNUPhone.

url: http://notnews.today.com/2008/09/22/free-software-foundation-announces-gnuphone/

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