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FactoryCity » Problems with OpenID on Highrise

tags: OpenID, harmful, URL, RSS

Turns out that 37 Signals’ implementation of OpenID could use some… getting real.

Let me go over these issues and provide either resources or remedies.

Look at these three URLs and make a note to yourself about any differences you see:

To a lay person (or even your average geek), these URLs all represent the same thing — especially if you type any of them into the address bar, they’ll land you on my out-of-date homepage.

url: http://factoryjoe.com/blog/2007/03/24/problems-with-openid-on-highrise/

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The Promise and Problems of OpenID | Messaging News

tags: OpenID, harmful

New Web-based services crop up at an astonishing rate. The problem is that with each new service, a new signup process with a unique username, password, and often bits of personally identifying information are required to create a new account. Not only is this process maddening in its repetitiveness, but also each account adds additional management overhead. OpenID allows users to have a single identifier that may be used to log onto every service ...

url: http://www.messagingnews.com/story/promise-and-problems-openid

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