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Transportation Techies Show What Can Be Done With Bike Data — Mobility Lab


The Transportation Techies Meetup group recently examined the possibilities. Five presentations at our first Bike Hack Night showed the range of what can be done with bike data.

url: http://mobilitylab.org/2014/05/28/transportation-techies-show-what-can-be-done-with-bike-data/#comment-7095

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Welcome to BikeArlington

tags: bike, Alrington, NoVa
Bike Arlington logo

Arlington, Virginia is a great place to get around by bicycle. More than one hundred miles of multi-use trails, on-street bike lanes, and designated bike routes make it easy for cyclists to get where they need to go. If you don't have a bike, or don't have it with you, Capital Bikeshare is a convenient option. BikeArlington's goal is to get more Arlingtonians biking more often, whether they're commuting, shopping, or just having fun.

url: http://www.bikearlington.com/

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novaLug | 10am isn't too early for open source!

tags: Linux, LUG, user, group, NoVa

10am isn't too early for open source!

url: http://novalug.com/

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Comfort Insulation : An Ardently Green Network Partner

tags: insulation, NoVa
Comfort Insulation logo Proper insulation, air sealing and weatherization can go a long way in creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. ENERGY STAR estimates that you can save up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs with proper sealing and insulation. In fact, it’s usually the most effective way to improve both energy efficiency and comfort. Plus, the improved air quality and moisture control are good for your health. And saving energy is always good for the health of the planet.

url: http://www.comfortinsulation.net/

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Insulation, Wall, Attic, Crawl Space. Manassas, Virginia.

tags: insulation, NoVa
house image Is it time you replaced or upgraded the insulation in your walls, attic, or crawl space? Then you need to call in the experts from Absolute Insulation Services, Inc. With over ten years of experience, the craftspeople at our family owned and operated company have been working in the industry, learning what it takes to install any type of insulation. Now they bring their expertise to you. Whether you need to bring the insulation in your commercial building up to fire code...

url: http://www.absoluteinsulationsvs.net/

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A 1 Insulation Best Inc, Woodbridge VA 22191 -- MerchantCircle.com

tags: insulation, NoVa
Attics, Blown-In Insulation, Crawl Spaces, Estimates, Insulation Removal, Licensed/Insured, Sound Control, Thermal, Wall's, Written Warranty

url: http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/A.1.Insulation.Best.Inc.703-490-8004

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Insulation, Attic, Wall, Crawl Space, Northern Virginia, VA

tags: insulation, NoVa
Discount Energy Services logo Discount Energy Services offers Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. residents upgraded home insulation. We specialize in older homes but almost any existing house can benefit from additional attic insulation. We also insulate walls, crawl spaces, garages, basements, ceilings, floors and additions. We use cellulose fiber or fiberglass. We install radiant barrier too.

url: http://www.discountenergyservices.com/

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