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Joshua Stevens - Visual Communicator

JS logo

From map design and remote sensing to motion graphics and 3D composites, I have more than a decade of experience creating award-winning visualizations.

I am passionate about combining insightful analysis with clean, clear visualizations to communicate about our dynamic planet.

url: http://www.joshuastevens.net/

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NASA’s Eyes

nasa eyes logo Experience Earth and our solar system, the universe and the spacecraft exploring them, with immersive apps for Mac, PC and mobile devices.

url: https://eyes.nasa.gov/

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Yuri's Night DC 2009

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Yuri's Night logo Visualize a NASA party. Scratch that. Our parties aren’t what you think. NASA Goddard will host a Yuri’s Night party Saturday, April 4 from 8 pm – 1 am at the Goddard Visitor Center in Greenbelt, Md. The event will mirror its 2008 World Space Party when its visitor center transformed into a club with a tech twist. The night air filled with hip-hop beats infused by DJ Scientific and live music from The Cassettes.

url: http://dc.yurisnight.net/

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