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In an effort to appease patrons, last night Mark selected Hidalgo, a "normal" movie. On a ten point scale i give it a 4.

I applaud Mark on selecting a movie i haven't seen, but wanted to. I think we all agreed that the movie was a typical action flick loaded with unlikely situations.[1] Michael and Matt couldn't stop themselves from constant heckling; some was justified; some was just annoying.

I try to extract the good parts of a movie.[2] On the good side the movie was about a person finding his identity.

  1. Air Force One was also this way, but it was still a great movie.
  2. Even Starship Troopers has its good parts.

Minus Man

Mark picked The Minus Man last night, a rather odd selection. It's a movie about a serial killer and his relationship to the world around him.

There was very little explanation about why he kills, but that's probably not the point of the movie. Understanding that, i really don't see the point of the movie. I mean (Mark) what does it say about his relation to the world?

There was one thing about the movie i did like. Every time Ferrin (Janeane Garofalo) appeared i was delighted. She's got a great smile.