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Renaissance Festival and Caber Tossing

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For the third consecutive year, my friends and i went to the Renaissance Festival. This year's group (about a dozen people, described later) was a bit different from last years. This weekend was the Scottish Weekend and sadly i didn't have a kilt yet. Caber Tossing was brought to the Festival as a special event.

Lisa had a huge — 20 foot long, 8 inch wide diameter — branch fall in her backyard. We bought a bow saw to break it down for firewood and disposal. In honor of the Scots i cut it into a lanky looking caber. We'll post dimensions and pictures soon.

I'm gonna try turning it sometime soon. I have a feeling those who watched the tournament at the Renn Fest will want a try, so we'll keep it around for a while.

We learned that scoring of caber tosses is not based on distance, but instead on straightness. A hay, bet ya didn't know that. We learn something new every day.

Renaissance Festival Part Deux

Laura, Michael, and i (sans Mark) went to the Renaissance Festival again. Instead of games and shopping this time we preferred sitting at shows. We went to three: Puke and Snot, Fight School, and The Free Lancers.

We went late enough in the season so it would be dark. There's just something about walking around with a candle that's fun. Also the air was filled with nice scents. Michael and i drank mead and beer. Laura drove us home.

MRF Pictures

tags: MRF, pictures, gallery

The Maryland Renaissance Festival pictures are up in this album.


there's not much choice in the way to dress at renn faire. There needed to be more breeze, then I would have been fine :)
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Maryland Renaissance Festival

I'm going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival today, opening day.

Michael's driving and i'm not to happy about that.

Nandu, a coworker told me he will be going today or tomorrow. Hopefully i will get to see his family again. Nandu and Nina have had me over for dinner.

2003 Renaissance Festival Pictures

tags: MRF, pictures

Getting in the RenFest spirit, i just posted pictures from the 2003 Renaissance Festival.