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2 pin resolder fixes my Prius MFD issue

Prius MFD from Wiki Commons For about 2 years my car has suffered from an intermittent electrical problem in the Mutli Functional Display. It took a long time to research this problem, and find a solution. I'd like to thank Hobbit for spending many hours debugging this problem. It's a crack in pin 60. After touching it with some new solder, my car is working again.

The symptoms are, error messages "External system not connected", "Check connection of the air conditioner", overall the display is not responsive. The radio continues to work, as do the buttons on the steering wheel.

Toyota know about this problem and has classified it as TSB EL002-05. Their solution is to replace the MFD for about $2,000. This is what i was told at two Toyota service centers.

Here's the Prius MFD repair guide.


Evaluation and repair of a failed Prius MFD

tags: car, Prius, MFD, repair
There is a common problem with some of the multi-function display (MFD) screens in the 2004 and some 2005 Prius, manifested by the buttons and the touch areas on the screen itself becoming sluggish and unresponsive, no display of current or average MPG, and no control over the stereo or air conditioning. This problem tends to start sporadically and slowly become worse over time, although there have been a few that have failed suddenly and hard.

url: http://www.techno-fandom.org/~hobbit/cars/mfd/

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