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Partners in Education

Last night FCPS held a ceremony for Partners in Education and MentorWorks. My company, Mitretek, won an award for Career Connections!

Here are some pictures of me in action.

This year is coming to a close. Next year will be even better as a 7th grader from this year will head up the team next year. I'm pulling him back from the dark side. He wants to get Linux running on an old machine, make it his web server, and host a web site for the club. He's learning PHP now.

Java Trap

I often get chided at work for preferring the Java programming language. My colleagues hold the opinion that it's not-free. Free here means open source. I disagree and recently read a Stallman "article" called Free But Shackled - The Java Trap.

The "article" basically says the license of the release is what matters, and not the dependencies of it. For example, in the history of GNU/Linux, there were times when there was no free kernel, or no free c library, or no free terminal software. Yet the applications that developers wrote were still considered free. Well it's the same with Java. There used to be a time when there were no free JVMs. Luckilly now there are.

This really pleases me. As most of you know, i use only open source software. Instead of using Sun Microsystems' release or Blackdown's release of Java, i'll use GCJ / GIJ or Kaffe.

These compliers and virtual machines are not as complete as Sun's, however there has been much improvement in recent years. A while back i remember getting Ant to run on GIJ. In the process, i found this bug which i hope is fixed by now.