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Maryland day

I went to Maryland Day at the University of Maryland. Had lots of fun. Listened to the Drum Line and the Generics. I was introduced to a girl named Kim, who piqued my interest with a community band. I was also intrigued with a double pendulum showing chaotic motion.

Development of the LCLI web site is complete. It's now in maintenance mode.

Cherry Blossom, Wines

On Saturday i went with Mark to see the fireworks show for the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was near the Waterfront on the Potomac River.

Last night i performed a taste test with a merlot and a shiraz. I now realize that the shiraz has a zing that the merlot lacks. Aside from that, they both taste great.

The LCLI website is coming along very nicely.

Hard Drive Crash, Java

For those of you who don't know, my hard drive recently crashed... thus the new site. Believe you me, it's temporary. All in all, it's for the better. (What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right?) Sorry about all the broken links. I've got lots of plans for the weekend :)

(listening to some great electronica, Brian nods his head to the music)

I've decided to use Struts and soon you will see it here. I'm going all Java. This site will have portlets for the weather, top stories, forum highlights, and movie reviews. And don't worry the restaurant reviews will be back up.

Luckily i found a copy of the Leeds Corporation of Long Island website.