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Scalable Vector Graphics in Web Pages

In Firefox and Konqueror, it's possible to increase and decrease the size of the font. This should be more generic. It really should be zoom out, zoom in. This way scalable vector graphics will actually scale!

Friends of Friends

tags: FoF, Konqueror

I added friends of friends to my Friends page. Welcome Genetik, Lowmagnet, Kimmie, Bryce, and Katie.

Here's the weird thing. I did not add the <a name="FOF"> label. Despite this, from my top page, when i click on "Friends of Friends" (in Konqueror) i get sent directly to that part of the page. Is Konqueror that smart? My only guess is the text inside the link "Friends of Friends" is matching the h2 header on that page.

Ah if that's the case, then i can remove the #FoF and it will still work.... testing... Nope, the sharp octothorpe activates the matching.

Konqueror Speaks

I just found a new feature on my favorite web browswer Konqueror. It can speak a web page.

Tonight's Preview

I thought for once i would write a preview instead of a review. Tonight i'm going to an early dinner with friends followed by House of Flying Daggers. Later in the evening will go see DC Wit's Seasonal Disorder.

I'm flexible for tonight's dinner. I just hope we leave early enough to see previews. Man i love them.

House of Flying Daggers got 2 1/2 stars by nbc4's Arch Campbell. That's not great, but i like samurai movies.

It's been a while since i've seen DC Wit. (I can't believe their flash presentation works in my browser. I'm using Konqueror and libswfdec0.) Tonight's 10pm show is Seasonal Disorder at Flashpoint (and their flash presentation didn't work).