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In my Japanese dictionary, 'bokunenjin' means 'quiet unsociable person.'

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tags: Katie, friend
Katie a thinker, student, programmer, musician, and friend

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Sharing Bookmarks

So i'm looking for some software to share bookmarks between browsers at work and browsers at home. Katie suggested del.icio.us. When searching Debian i came upon Rubilicious. Paul (Pabs) uses Ruby, so i figured i'd let him know abou it...

 [10:14:17] <dero>pabs: Do you use foxylicious?
 [10:29:22] <dero>pabs: i guess you know about rubilicious
 [11:01:29] <pabs>dero: err, you're joking about me knowing about rubilicious, right?
 [11:02:02] <dero>pabs: no
 [11:02:11] pabs scratches his head
 [11:02:19] <moss>that's pretty damn funny
 [11:02:21] <pabs>dero: http://pablotron.org/software/rubilicious/
 [11:02:27] <pabs>dero: i wrote it
 [11:02:31] <dero>holy crap
 [11:02:52] <snow>hahahhaha
 [11:03:09] <moss>that's the funniest shit I've seen all week
 [11:03:26] <pabs>hehe


Katie's article on her ring was interesting, as i'm learning about smelting. It's one of Sirion's trades. And i recently saw a show called Rough Science where they made gold.

In WoW, i smelt copper ore into copper bars, tin ore into tin bars, and copper and tin bars into bronze. Yes that's what bronze is.

Rough Science is a great show. It's about a collection of cool scientists from various fields. They're given a mission to produce something using limited resources and simple tools. They currently have 4 series. Besides smelting gold in the last one, they also built a metal detector, built a furnace with bellows, and built a altimeter using a coiled tube. They were able to measure the difference in air pressure over 50 vertical feet.

Wonderful Web

The web truly is wonderful. Come follow me on an amazing tour with a surprising end.

It's starts at

which i used to test my trackback ping accepter. Then i headed to the top of that site Dougal has given his to-be born baby a working name, Peppermint. That's awesome. He has a link Dunstan's blog a site i've visited often and a source of inspiration for TrickleUp. In fact it's due to him that i alter the background color on my site based on the day of year and time, like his banner. I read his second article where i find that the second comment is from Katie. I met Katie at Laura's party. Laura links to her. (nice snow angels) and she links to me Isn't that cool?