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Welcome to my blog, Neomantra.org. In the real world I go by Justin Kirby and work as a bioinformatics analyst focused on helping researchers in the field of radiology utilize open source software to achieve their scientific objectives. The intent of this blog is to provide its visitors with my spin on the world’s happenings with a bias towards discussing technology, music, science and politics. I’ve been getting more involved in open source software...

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Review of the Anime Marathon

I skipped the first two movies and watched Tree of Palme and Appleseed. Mark and Matt joined me for the first one, then took off. Celeste and Justin joined me for the second. I also had lunch at a great place, California Tortilla, and dinner at Dave and Busters.

Tree of Palme was.... weird, not bad, just weird. It's a movie you need to watch 3 times to understand. It's very surreal and symbolic. It's basically the story of Pinocchio mixed into a tribal feud with a little godly seasoning.

Appleseed on the other hand... now there's my type of movie. Similar to Tree of Palme it's about the blending of natural and artificial spirits. Instead of wooden characters, this movie has bioroids. They reminded me of replicants from Blade Runner, in the sense that, what they are doesn't really matter, when considering robots versus clones.

A couple scene featured the Matrix effect of slowing down the action while panning the camera. I don't care how trite this is, it still looked great.

I definitely want to watch this movie again.

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