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tmcw/biggie · GitHub


biggie is the last mile of big. It turns Markdown into slides, and slides into a website, and even posts it online for you with the magic of bl.ocks.org and Gist.

You can use biggie basically from the command line as an npm module:

Pipe it into browser or bcat to just view it in a browser immediately.

url: https://github.com/tmcw/biggie

type: project, format: none


vzvenyach/htmldecks · GitHub


HTMLDecks is markdown with slides separated by ---. For example:

Once you're done editing the slides, create the deck and start presenting. Simply as that.

In presentation mode, by pressing escape, you'll be able to access a menu to return to editing or prepare the slides for printing in PDF.

url: https://github.com/vzvenyach/htmldecks

type: project, format: none


reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework

reveal.js enables you to create beautiful interactive slide decks using HTML. This presentation will show you examples of what it can do.

Nested slides are useful for adding additional detail underneath a high level horizontal slide.

url: http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/#/

type: project, format: none


deck.js » Modern HTML Presentations

The deck.core module keeps track of slide states and deck states, leaving CSS to define what each state look like…

Extensions use core events and methods to add goodies, giving presenters the freedom to add what they want and leave out what they don’t.

url: http://imakewebthings.com/deck.js/

type: project, format: none



A presentation library with intuitive, scroll-based navigation. — https://mbostock.github.io/stack/

url: https://github.com/mbostock/stack

type: project, format: page