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GitHub - jlfwong/chrome2calltree: Convert CPU profiles exported from Chrome to callgrind format

uwflow.com example

Convert CPU profiles exported from Chrome to callgrind format.

This is only useful if you have KCacheGrind or QCacheGrind installed.

Collect a Chrome CPU profile either by using console.profile() or by clicking buttons in the Developer Tools. Save the profile somewhere to disk.

Assuming you have KCacheGrind or QCacheGrind installed, you can then load your CPU profile using chrome2calltree. Note that it might open in the backgr...

url: https://github.com/jlfwong/chrome2calltree

type: project, format: none


GitHub - scottrogowski/code2flow: Turn your Python and Javascript code into DOT flowcharts

call graph Turn your Python and Javascript source code into DOT flowcharts Code2flow will sweep through your project source code looking for function definitions. Then it will do another sweep looking for where those functions are called. Code2flow connects the dots and presents you with a flowchart estimating the functional structure of your program. In other words, code2flow generates callgraphs

url: https://github.com/scottrogowski/code2flow

type: project, format: none