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Sharing Bookmarks

So i'm looking for some software to share bookmarks between browsers at work and browsers at home. Katie suggested del.icio.us. When searching Debian i came upon Rubilicious. Paul (Pabs) uses Ruby, so i figured i'd let him know abou it...

 [10:14:17] <dero>pabs: Do you use foxylicious?
 [10:29:22] <dero>pabs: i guess you know about rubilicious
 [11:01:29] <pabs>dero: err, you're joking about me knowing about rubilicious, right?
 [11:02:02] <dero>pabs: no
 [11:02:11] pabs scratches his head
 [11:02:19] <moss>that's pretty damn funny
 [11:02:21] <pabs>dero: http://pablotron.org/software/rubilicious/
 [11:02:27] <pabs>dero: i wrote it
 [11:02:31] <dero>holy crap
 [11:02:52] <snow>hahahhaha
 [11:03:09] <moss>that's the funniest shit I've seen all week
 [11:03:26] <pabs>hehe