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Skiing in Canaan Valley and Timberline

Last weekend Elwing and i went skiing at Canaan Valley and Timberline. Overall we had a great time.

Elwing has an aunt who lives out in West Virginia. Lodging and a few meals where greatly appreciated. Their dog Hoss is afraid of strangers, but otherwise is a cute min-pin.

I brought my grandfather's old Rossignol skis. At 180cm they're a bit long for me, but they handled alright. They're straight skis so turning is harder than with shaped skis, but paralleling is easier. I bought boots last year, and i found this year that they are very uncomfortable and a real pain in the butt to get on.

We skied Canaan Valley on Saturday and Timberline on Sunday. Both mountains had several trails closed, which was a big let down. Timberline had a few double black diamonds. I skipped the ones going through trees, but did The Drop and Off the Wall. Both were exhilarating.

The condition of the snow was moderate. You could tell there was a solid layer of ice under a couple inches of snow.

On Saturday the weather was warm, but on Sunday we froze our butts off.

I was really disappointed at the lodges. Both were small and ugly. I like to see large open areas with giant fireplaces in the middle. The selection of food in Timberline was terrible — like a high school cafeteria — and you can't bring your own food.

I probably won't return to these mountains for a while.

Park Avenue Desk Chair

After a long deliberating process of selecting a chair, a five month process, i am finally sitting in my new Hon chair. It's quite a process selecting a chair and just the right fabric to go along with it. I'm glad i held out for what i wanted. Mark helped me pick it up today.

The arm rest allow my arms to lay directly into the keyboard and mouse. I also have room to pull them in, closer to my body, allowing extended periods of typing.

I'm happy with the color, a dark green. There were hundred of colors to choose from. I knew i wanted green, but which one among the dozen. BTW i learned a new word during this process, viz. celadon, a pale sea-green. I see celadon as a typical 1950s color. My chair is a rich medium-dark green which blends well with the henna cherry wood.

I'll need to sit in it longer, but so far it's very comfortable. Yes my friends, this means it will be even harder to drag me away from my computer.

There's one bad thing about the chair; i can't play my guitar in it, unless i scoot to the front.

I would like to thank my monther and grand father who made this chair possible for me.