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Biglumber - key signing coordination

tags: signing, key, GPG, GnuPG
Welcome to biglumber! This site is designed to help expand webs of trust by coordinating key signings. You can look up a location to see who is willing to sign a key there, as well as any key signing parties that may be taking place nearby.

url: http://biglumber.com/

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My Perfect GnuPG / SSH Agent Setup | Chris's Digital Realm

tags: X11, OpenPGP, agent, ssh, GnuPG
Chris's Digital Realm

Now that I’m using OpenPGP cards for GnuPG, I may as well start using them for their other bells and whistles too. The first and most useful such extra feature of those cards is using the authentication key for SSH.

url: http://www.bootc.net/archives/2013/06/09/my-perfect-gnupg-ssh-agent-setup/

type: article, format: blog