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Last night was a blast at the Film Fest. Mark joined me for Chicago. I give it 7 stars. Good suggestion Mom.

What a great movie. The plot was filled with desires for fame, affairs, and murders, in a circus like world. I loved the songs, especially "When You're Good to Mama" and "Cell Block Tango", and of course "He Had It Comin'".

I would say about 1,300 people showed up for the outdoor show. Both the rain and the bugs refrained from making an appearance.

After reading about Kim's raves about Baja Fresh, i decided to check them out. Not bad, but all i had were simple quesadillas.

The proceeds went to charity. Like a good philanthropist i entered the raffle.

Titus, Film Festival

Last night, Michael selected Titus another Shakespear story in iambic pentameter. I'm glad to learn a story i probably wouldn't have otherwise.

What i draw from the movie is what Mark mentioned; it's about a warrior who returns to Rome, makes decisions based on his principles, and comes to his demise. I also got the impression that Titus lost pride of his country as its leaders vie for power.

I'm going to this Film Fest, normally held at NIH, it's now in my backyard at Strathmore.