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Friend of a friend (FOAF) search engine

tags: search, FOAF

You can use the input field above to search through millions of interconnected persons, organisations and places in the semantic web. Enter the name, e-mail, nick, homepage, openid, mbox-hash or URI of the person, organisation or place you are searching.

url: http://www.foaf-search.net/

type: project, format: page


Advogato: Personal info for brian252


Name: Brian DeRocher Member since: 2006-04-21 14:04:17 Last Login: 2009-07-23 20:08:17

Abstracted the PHPlist database connection so it works with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Made contribution to phpPgAdmin to authenticate by Kerberos. Not sure if the patch was incorporated yet.

url: http://www.advogato.org/person/brian252/

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tags: FOAF
This is my FOAF.

url: http://derocher.org/~brian/foaf.rdf

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tags: FOAF
foaf smileys logo

The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project is creating a Web of machine-readable pages describing people, the links between them and the things they create and do.

Currently the most important entry here is the IssueTracker, which keeps note of known issues with the FOAF specification.

url: http://wiki.foaf-project.org/w/Main_Page

type: article, format: wiki


Tools - FOAF Wiki

tags: tools, FOAF
foaf smileys logo FoaF Creators, Using FOAF for authentication in webapps, Aggregators, user interfaces, visualization systems etc., What user-oriented software packages are exploring FOAF support?

url: http://wiki.foaf-project.org/w/Tools

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FOAF-a-matic -- Describe yourself in RDF

tags: RDF, FOAF

FOAF-a-matic is a simple Javascript application that allows you to create a FOAF ("Friend-of-A-Friend") description of yourself. You can read more about FOAF in Edd Dumbill's "XML Watch: Finding friends with XML and RDF" article, at the FOAF homepage on RDFWeb, and also the FOAF vocabulary description.

url: http://www.ldodds.com/foaf/foaf-a-matic

type: project, format: page


XForms and Internet Applications: First steps in RDFa: Creating a FOAF profile

tags: XForms, RDFa, FOAF
If you're not familiar with FOAF, or Friend-of-a-friend, it's a set of terms that can be used to describe people, organisations, and their relationships to each other. For example, we can mark up our names, point to our home-pages, indicate the companies and projects we work on (and point to their home-pages), and so on.

url: http://internet-apps.blogspot.com/2008/02/first-steps-in-rdfa-creating-foaf.html

type: article, format: blog


Libby Miller

tags: FOAF
Libby Miller

Twitter | Flickr | Blog | Foaf file | CV / Resume email: libby at nicecupoftea.org

url: http://swordfish.rdfweb.org/

type: person, format: page



Rej is a graphical utility that allows you to write RDF statements directly, using a simple layout that is designed to naturally reflect the basic RDF model. You might use Rej in any situation that uses RDF as part of its pipeline, or as a general purpose annotation tool, such as when taking notes or doing research. Please see the installation guide for instructions on how to install Rej, and the manual for some basic information on how to use it.

url: http://infinitesque.net/projects/Legere/components/Rej/

type: project, format: none


Foafpress — Semantic Web application to publish RDF data including Linked Data aggregation

Foafpress screenshot, foaf:Person profile

An open-source PHP web application and presentation engine that publishes profiles and web pages based on RDF data stored in files. It allows you to aggregate and publish data from multiple web sources via Linked Data.

url: http://foafpress.org/

type: project, format: page


I'm learning more about the semantic web and RDF. I created an RDF Site Summary and FOAF file.

I've had an Atom rss feed for a while now. But i like RDF Site Summary because it's endorsed by the World Wide Web Consortium.

FOAF stands for Friend of a Friend. It's a way to use XML to specify some information about yourself and your friends. Developers have written FOAF navigators and aggregators to generated large SVG graphs of people. Here's the FoaF Explorer. FOAF includes relationship types such as friendOf, spouseOf, parentOf, etc.


Ah there it is: XFN thanks to XFN, the FOAF alternative.

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