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logical model

Open System Architect (OSA) is an application used for modelling a system. OSA currently supports data modelling (physical and logical) with UML in the works. The unique thing about OSA is that it is an Open Source product licensed under the General Public License (GPL). The free factor makes OSA particularly interesting for students but OSA is powerful enough to compare favourably with products costing thousands of dollars.

url: http://www.codebydesign.com/

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Akonadi: Database Design

Akonadi ERD

This is an overview of the database layout of the storage server. The schema gets generated by the server using the helper class DbInitializer, based on the definition found in server/src/storage/akonadidb.xml.

url: http://api.kde.org/kdesupport-api/kdesupport-apidocs/akonadi/html/akonadi_server_database.html

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