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USA Science and Engineering Festival

science and engineering festival logo

The USA Science & Engineering Festival is a national grassroots effort to advance STEM education and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Our exhibitors, performers, speakers, partners, sponsors and advisors are a who-is-who of science and engineering in the United States: from major academic centers and leading research institutes and government agencies to cutting-edge high tech companies, museums and community organizations.

url: http://www.usasciencefestival.org/

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DC Shorts Film Festival | Keep it short. Keep it reel.

tags: film, festival, short, DC
DC Shorts Film Festival 2009 logo

During the week, we will screen 97 short films (all from 1 to 24 minutes) in 9 rotating showcases (each about 2 hours.)  See films from 12 countries around the globe — and some incredible movies made here at home!  The week culminates with the special “Best of DC Shorts” screenings on Thursday, September 16, where we will present the jury award winners and the selections chosen by audience vote.

url: http://www.dcshorts.com/

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Environmental Film Festival

Environmental Film Festival frog logo

As we enter a new decade of the 21st century, the Environmental Film Festival comes of age, marking 18 eventful years in Washington, D.C. with our biggest and most ambitious Festival yet. This year the Festival is proud to present 155 diverse and thought-provoking films, including 66 Washington, D.C., United States and World premieres, that celebrate the wonder of the natural world and illuminate the growing challenges to life on earth.

url: http://www.dcenvironmentalfilmfest.org/

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Washington DC Independent Film Festival: 2010

tags: film, movies, festival, DC

The Washington DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF) is an award winning annual film festival showcasing independent films from around the world; offering a Music Festival, Master Classes, Seminars & Workshops conducted by industry professionals; providing cultivation and opportunity to the DC community. DCIFF also presents the "Independent Film Summit on the Hill" which brings together filmmakers and policymakers to discuss the state of the industry.

url: http://www.dciff.org/

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Filmfest DC

tags: film, movies, festival, DC
Filmfest DC logo

There is nothing like a great movie, and the 24th edition of Filmfest DC promises to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience. Prepare to be amused, provoked, and inspired by extraordinary new films from some of the world’s most talented and innovative filmmakers.

url: http://www.filmfestdc.org/

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