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How I changed the law with a GitHub pull request | Ars Technica

tags: DC, GitHub, code, law
Code of District of Columbia

Recently, I found a typo in the District of Columbia’s legal code and corrected it using GitHub. My feat highlights the groundbreaking way the District manages its legal code.

url: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/11/how-i-changed-the-law-with-a-github-pull-request/

type: article, format: blog


National Capital Astronomers, Washington, D.C. Metro Area

NCA logo

Serving science and society since 1937. The National Capital Astronomers (NCA) is a non-profit, membership supported, volunteer run, public service corporation dedicated to advancing space technology, astronomy, and related sciences through information, participation, and inspiration, via research, lectures and presentations, publications, expeditions, tours, public interpretation, and education. NCA is the astronomy affiliate of the Washington Academy of Sciences.

url: http://capitalastronomers.org/

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DDOT - Multimodal Transportation

District Mobility home page District Mobility is a tool to visualize multimodal transportation system performance within the District of Columbia as part of the District Department of Transportation District Mobility Project. Select a story to find out more.

url: https://districtmobility.org/

type: project, format: page


Home | DC STEM Network

DC STEM Network Logo

The DC STEM Network is a collaboration between the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) and the Carnegie Academy for Science Education (CASE), launched in 2014. The DC STEM Network unites community partners to help inspire and prepare all DC youth to succeed, lead and innovate in STEM fields and beyond.

The DC STEM Network unites community partners to help inspire and prepare all DC youth to succeed, lead and innovate in STEM...

url: http://www.dcstemnetwork.org/

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Map: The Best Places to Sled in the D.C. Area: DCist

boy on sled

The first flurries have already started falling, and they aren't likely to let up until Saturday night. Once the ferocious winds stop and it is safe to bundle up and trundle outside—probably not until Sunday—there won't be much open. But that should make for perfect sledding conditions

Hence we gift you this map of the best places to sled, compiled from various sources and our staff's own experience. Enjoy, and let us know if we missed any.

url: http://dcist.com/2016/01/map_of_the_best_places_to_sled_in_t.php

type: article, format: blog


Open Data Day DC 2016 Registration, Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

tags: DC, day, data, open

Open Data Day DC is a yearly hackathon and training event in Washington, DC on the same day as more than 150 other Open Data Day events throughout the world.

Open Data Day DC 2016 will be on Friday, March 4 (workshops only) and Saturday, March 5 (hacking & workshops). The event is free. No prior experience with open data or programming is needed --- there will be lots of opportunities to learn and participate for everyone.

url: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/open-data-day-dc-2016-registration-20835882686?aff=efbnreg

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Capture Street Photos for DC Vision Zero

Baltimore talllguy Elliot

Between traffic congestion, hurried pedestrians, and natural wear and tear, major cities are plagued with numerous road safety issues. To spur dialog about these issues, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and OpenGov Hub will be hosting a Vision Zero hackathon in Washington D.C. on February 13.

url: http://blog.mapillary.com/2016/02/05/vision-zero-hackathon.html

type: article, format: blog


Museum of Science Fiction

A museum of science fiction.

url: http://www.museumofsciencefiction.org/

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Escape Velocity | Micro futuristic world’s fair to promote STEAM education within the context of Science Fiction

2016 flyer

Escape Velocity is a micro futuristic world’s fair to promote STEAM education within the context of science fiction using the fun of comic cons and fascination of science and engineering festivals. Escape Velocity seeks to make a measurable positive impact to boost informal learning on the more conceptually challenging academic areas.

url: http://escapevelocity.events/

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DC Device Lab | Welcome

The Device Lab logo

DC Device Lab is an open, device testing lab available for web and app developers in the Washington, DC area. Our first location is now open at Canvas Co/work on 19th & M Streets.

A device lab is a collection of many different web-capable devices that are available for web designers/developers to use for testing. Realistically, most of us can’t go out and buy every device so that we can have it available for testing....

url: http://dcdevicelab.com/

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BBBike @ Washington D.C. - Cycle Route Planner Washington D.C.

tags: DC, bike, OSM, cycle, router

Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Washington D.C. and around.

url: http://www.bbbike.org/WashingtonDC/

type: project, format: page


USA Science and Engineering Festival

science and engineering festival logo

The USA Science & Engineering Festival is a national grassroots effort to advance STEM education and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Our exhibitors, performers, speakers, partners, sponsors and advisors are a who-is-who of science and engineering in the United States: from major academic centers and leading research institutes and government agencies to cutting-edge high tech companies, museums and community organizations.

url: http://www.usasciencefestival.org/

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DC Address Coordinates

tags: database, address, DC, GIS
DC GIS logo

A blog regarding the official address database for Washington, DC. The Master Address Repository (MAR) not only includes addresses but also has information on intersections, blocks, place names and residential units.

url: http://dcaddresscoordinates.blogspot.com/

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DC Beer - Washington DC, Beers in DC, Beer, Bars, Craft beer, homebrewing, happy hours, beer tastings

tags: DC, beer
DC beer logo

Our Mission: DCBeer seeks to promote and grow the DC area’s craft beer culture through its locally focused beer website and its tasting and educational events.

We do our best to bring our readers information on the latest events, happy hours, beer bar and restaurant openings, and profiles of the many great people making the beer scene possible. We also seek to educate people on the various aspects of beer culture like food and beer pairings, ...

url: http://dcbeer.com/

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DC Beer Week

tags: DC, beer
Beer Week logo

Your source for all things DC Beer Week, August 20 - 28th.

DC Beer Week is a week-long celebration of beer culture in the nation’s capitol. With a line-up that features more than 40 breweries and 30 restaurants, bars and pubs throughout the district.

DC Beer Week 2010 is set to kick off on Sunday, August 22nd with a Pre-Beer Week Party for you true beer geeks at the Rock and Roll Hotel with the City Paper Lagerheads.

url: http://www.dcbeerweek.com/

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DC Shorts Film Festival | Keep it short. Keep it reel.

tags: film, festival, short, DC
DC Shorts Film Festival 2009 logo

During the week, we will screen 97 short films (all from 1 to 24 minutes) in 9 rotating showcases (each about 2 hours.)  See films from 12 countries around the globe — and some incredible movies made here at home!  The week culminates with the special “Best of DC Shorts” screenings on Thursday, September 16, where we will present the jury award winners and the selections chosen by audience vote.

url: http://www.dcshorts.com/

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Environmental Film Festival

Environmental Film Festival frog logo

As we enter a new decade of the 21st century, the Environmental Film Festival comes of age, marking 18 eventful years in Washington, D.C. with our biggest and most ambitious Festival yet. This year the Festival is proud to present 155 diverse and thought-provoking films, including 66 Washington, D.C., United States and World premieres, that celebrate the wonder of the natural world and illuminate the growing challenges to life on earth.

url: http://www.dcenvironmentalfilmfest.org/

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Washington DC Independent Film Festival: 2010

tags: film, movies, festival, DC

The Washington DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF) is an award winning annual film festival showcasing independent films from around the world; offering a Music Festival, Master Classes, Seminars & Workshops conducted by industry professionals; providing cultivation and opportunity to the DC community. DCIFF also presents the "Independent Film Summit on the Hill" which brings together filmmakers and policymakers to discuss the state of the industry.

url: http://www.dciff.org/

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Filmfest DC

tags: film, movies, festival, DC
Filmfest DC logo

There is nothing like a great movie, and the 24th edition of Filmfest DC promises to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience. Prepare to be amused, provoked, and inspired by extraordinary new films from some of the world’s most talented and innovative filmmakers.

url: http://www.filmfestdc.org/

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Wonders Childcare - About

tags: child, day care, DC
wonders child care center logo

Throughout our ten sites, and complementary to our teaching philosophy, our highly-accredited Wonders teachers come from diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences. Many remain with us from year to year and, in turn, we demonstrate our appreciation by providing a stimulating working environment, with salary/benefit packages that recognize a continuing dedication to Wonders.

url: http://wonderschildcare.org/

type: company, format: none


Friendship Children's Center - Chevy Chase, Maryland

tags: child, day care, DC
Friendship Children's Center logo

The Friendship Children’s Center has just celebrated its 20th anniversary as a small non-profit organization committed to providing high quality early childhood educational experiences to children between the ages of three months and five years.

url: http://friendshipchildren.org/

type: company, format: none


Washington Area Bicyclist Association

tags: bike, DC
The mission of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association is to create a healthy, more livable region by promoting bicycling for fun, fitness, and affordable transportation; advocating for better bicycling conditions and transportation choices for a healthier environment, and educating children, adults, and motorists about safe bicycling.

url: http://www.waba.org

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tags: food, news, DC
Offering epicurean news from the D.C. metro area, Metrocurean is a leading source on local restaurant buzz and noteworthy happenings.

url: http://amandamc.blogspot.com/

type: article, format: blog

Cherry Blossom, Wines

On Saturday i went with Mark to see the fireworks show for the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was near the Waterfront on the Potomac River.

Last night i performed a taste test with a merlot and a shiraz. I now realize that the shiraz has a zing that the merlot lacks. Aside from that, they both taste great.

The LCLI website is coming along very nicely.