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I can't agree on liberal vs conservative

I really can't. Bush isn't a conservative, he's the closest thing to a tax and spender the republicans have. It's fascinating that the Republican party has him up front, because he's absolutely not conservative where it counts to run a government. He's an idealogue on the social side, which I suppose they like.

Nor do I think that Liberal is a fair label to the Democrats. A democratic congress and president made certain that we aren't, as a country, spending more than we bring in via taxes. That's a fiscally conservative postition.

Nothing sums them up simply to me, so I don't know what to say there.

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What if Bush Wins?

Celeste mentioned a conversation she had with her liberal grandmother, where her grandmother suggested it wouldn't be so bad if Bush won again. I've also had this thought but for a slightly different reason.

You see if Bush wins, then maybe the nation with learn a lession about foreign affairs, relationships with our allies, and political integrity. The long term win would be for the democrats.