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was awesome!

Loved the Belgian beer tasting at Brickskeller.

Had a blast at this beer tasting! I actually love Duvel and thought it was yummy. Belgian wittes are my favorite and that Ommegang one hit the spot. Wittes are generally a summer beer and have a very light, refreshing taste as they're brewed with coriander and orange peel.

Really enjoyed meeting and hearing from the Duvel and Ommegang owners who shared with us their beer passion and lots of stories. As the evening went on, I forgot most of the stories but remember the frothy goodness of each beer we sampled.

Left my tasting sheet at the bar in my drunken stupor so my comments are lost forever but glad Mark's thoughts have been shared. Mmmm, beer! --Dana

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Belgian Beer Tasting

I went to my second Meet in DC event with Mark to a Belgian beer tasting at the Brickskeller.

The event was hosted by Duvel and Ommegang. Duvel owns Ommegang. The CEO of Duvel and president of Ommegang where there speaking about their beers.

I didn't like the Duvel. It was much too sweet and alcoholic. It reminded me of mead.

Ommegang brought several beers, including Rare Vos (sly fox), Witte, Hennepin, and the Three Philosophers. In addition they brought an Aged Hennepin, which is technically the same as Hennepin, but we all agreed it was better. The Rare Vos was medium dark. The Witte was wheaty, which i enjoy. The Hennepin smelled great. And the Three Philosophers was creamy with a small frothy head.

Mark, i have your tasting sheet. He doesn't have a web site yet, so i will convey what he wrote.

Do I have a buzzz or does this taste good; low tolerance; Ha Ha I forgot to write something for this one because I can't tell the difference; Dare I say pungent. I don't kow if it is, but I like the word pungent.

Thank you Mark for your insightful discourse on beer.