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Fixed Atom feed. Thanks to Katie for asking me to fix it.

RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0

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This is why i provide an Atom feed and not an RSS 2.0 feed.


I like the threading feature. I was gonna subscribe to your Atom or RSS feed, but both seem to be invalid. :(
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I'm learning more about the semantic web and RDF. I created an RDF Site Summary and FOAF file.

I've had an Atom rss feed for a while now. But i like RDF Site Summary because it's endorsed by the World Wide Web Consortium.

FOAF stands for Friend of a Friend. It's a way to use XML to specify some information about yourself and your friends. Developers have written FOAF navigators and aggregators to generated large SVG graphs of people. Here's the FoaF Explorer. FOAF includes relationship types such as friendOf, spouseOf, parentOf, etc.


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An Atom feed of this site is now available. Here's the URL: http://brian.derocher.org/atomSearch.php Atom is the new RSS.

Atom uses a well defined XML schema, XML namespaces, HTTP (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), avoids, RPC, and passwords are sent securely (granted i'm not controlling access to my feed.

With Atom, it's possible to embed images using base64 encoding.

Will i provide RSS version x.xx? Probably not.