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Alias Review

Mark and i did our Alias homework by reviewing last season's finale. It's tought to remember who's alive, who's dead, who's alive again. For those who don't remember this is how it ended.

  1. Lauren poses as Sydney and steals the Ramboldi formula.
  2. Sark gets caught. Vaughn goes after Lauren.
  3. Katya stabs Vaughn.
  4. Sydney goes after Lauren.
  5. Vaughn breaks out of the hospital and goes after Sydney.
  6. Vaughn kills Lauren. Lauren breaths out 1026.
  7. Sloane contacts Nadia. Nadia tells him she knows the true coordinates of the Rambaldi artifact.
  8. Sydney inspects papers in deposit box 1026.
  9. Jack appears and says, "You were never supposed to know about that." (project Christmas?)