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API, friendly, mobile, ready, website (2), OSM, tool (1), Code for America, cfa, disaster, organization, relief, tool, volunteer (1), 18F, API, csv, data, open (1), API, graph, social networking (1), API, csv, data, open (1), comparison, geography, map, tool (1), API, documentation, github (1), API, feed, integration, web service (1), API, Database, OSM, history, projects (1)


Tools that will help you develop a RESTful API — The RESTful Web — Medium

tags: Swagger, tool, API, REST
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For all the time I’ve been working on Paw, I tried to stay updated with the new tools and services available to API developers, so I decided to publish some thoughts about the most mainstream ones, as well as a few that I think have big potential. This short overview will hopefully help you choose the right tools for your needs.

url: https://restful.io/tools-that-will-help-you-develop-a-restful-api-cde98e628dd9

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