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GitHub - project-open-data/csv-to-api: Proof of concept to dynamically generate RESTful APIs from static CSVs

tags: API, csv, data, open

Dynamically generate RESTful APIs from static CSVs. Provides JSON, XML, and HTML.

The simplicity with which CSV files can be created has made them the default data format for bulk data. It is comparatively more difficult to create an API to share the same data atomically and transactionally.

url: https://github.com/project-open-data/csv-to-api

type: project, format: none


GitHub - 18F/open-data-maker: make it easy to turn a lot of potentially large csv files into easily accessible open data

tags: API, 18F, csv, data, open
overview of data types, prompt to download data, create a custom data set, or look at API docs

The goal of this project is to make it easy to turn a lot of potentially large csv files into open data via an API and the ability for people to download smaller csv files with a subset of the data.

Preliminary research suggests that open data users (journalists and others) actually know how to work with spreadsheets really well, but a lot of the data sets that we have in government are huge.

url: https://github.com/18F/open-data-maker

type: project, format: none


GitHub API v3 | GitHub Developer Guide

This describes the resources that make up the official GitHub API v3. If you have any problems or requests please contact support.

url: https://developer.github.com/v3/

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Tools that will help you develop a RESTful API — The RESTful Web — Medium

tags: Swagger, tool, API, REST
monitor showing Paw

For all the time I’ve been working on Paw, I tried to stay updated with the new tools and services available to API developers, so I decided to publish some thoughts about the most mainstream ones, as well as a few that I think have big potential. This short overview will hopefully help you choose the right tools for your needs.

url: https://restful.io/tools-that-will-help-you-develop-a-restful-api-cde98e628dd9

type: article, format: blog


W3C mobileOK Checker

This checker performs various tests on a Web Page to determine its level of mobile-friendliness. The tests are defined in the mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 specification. A Web Page is mobileOK when it passes all the tests. Please refer to the About page for more details.

url: https://validator.w3.org/mobile/

type: project, format: page



mobi ready logo

Receive in-depth analysis & recommendations straight into your inbox to share with your team.

View all improvements and benchmark your web presence against your competitors.

Request access to the mobiReady API to expose our tools in your own environment.

url: http://ready.mobi/

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Webhookit - Pipes for Hackers

webhookit screenshot

Visual scripting for the web, Pipes for hackers, using Node.js, and mongoDB

WebHookIt provides a visual programming paradigm to create simple webservices, mashups, web application integrations, composability between webservices, event-driven web programming, ... in short program the web.

WebHookIt is an open-source project, released under MIT license.

url: http://neyric.github.io/webhookit/docs/index.html

type: project, format: page


History API and Database - OpenStreetMap Wiki

OSM wiki logo

The entire history of OpenStreetMap spans about seven years now. Every day, a lot of new data is added, existing data modified, and stale or incorrect data removed. While the history of each object that ever existed in OSM lives on in the main database, there is no easy way to replicate the full history for an area. There is a full history planet dump that is made available at irregular intervals, but none of the existing OpenStreetMap data...

url: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/History_API_and_Database

type: article, format: wiki


Social Graph API

With so many websites to join, users must decide where to invest significant time in adding their same connections over and over. For developers, this means it is difficult to build successful web applications that hinge upon a critical mass of users for content and interaction. With the Social Graph API, developers can now utilize public connections their users have already created in other web services. It makes information about public connections between people...

url: http://code.google.com/apis/socialgraph/

type: project, format: none