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Michael was here recently for Movie Night and left me with a domain name. Since his own blog is on vacation, i thought i'd mention it here. Magnatune "We are not evil"


Last night Michael co-hosted a MeetinDC event. He brought Evangelion over to Ming's place.

I'm not quite sure why i'm watching this 26 part series again. (Oh yeah now i remember.) It was ok the first time, and so far it's mediocre the second. But it's something to do and surprisingly 3 other software developers showed up. Other than Michael, Ming, and i, 2 other guys showed up. I think we watched about 9 episodes last night.

Watching it this time, i see a huge lack of attention to detail... like moving lips when characters speak and stagnant backgrounds.

Rants of SD Environments

In reflection to Michael's Hey Developers, You Suck - here's my rerant. Same situation, different company. The problem i have here is a lack of respect for data by not using normalized forms and referential integrity.

Since a lot of our work is aggregating massive amounts of data, i'm often stressed by the fact that a small mistake can have large consequences.

Did you hear that CDC overstated its obesity death figures? Did you hear that the FBI may scrap a $170 million software project?

Those are disgraceful and i work hard to prevent such and embarrassment to my company.

The other problem we have is strongly connecting data to code by using VBA and stovepiping our software. The problem with tying data and code is that we manually format our data to work with our code. This presents a problem when in 6 months we want to swap in new data. The problem with stovepiping is it produced non-flexible code. So when we want to add a feature (like multiuser) to an application, it's very difficult.

One last remark. TrickleUp, the software that runs my personal website, allows me to write code to the quality that i want. I suggest each person take up at least one project to relieve stress.

Disaster Relief

After reading Michael's article i was convinced to make a contribution. I hope you're convinced too. Here are the organization i contributed to.

Renaissance Festival Part Deux

Laura, Michael, and i (sans Mark) went to the Renaissance Festival again. Instead of games and shopping this time we preferred sitting at shows. We went to three: Puke and Snot, Fight School, and The Free Lancers.

We went late enough in the season so it would be dark. There's just something about walking around with a candle that's fun. Also the air was filled with nice scents. Michael and i drank mead and beer. Laura drove us home.

Volunteering at WAMU

Last night, Michael and Mark joined me for volunteering at WAMU. They're having their pledge drive. Our job was to answer phones. Michael won the award for best penmenship. Pictures were taken. They'll be up soon.

It was my second time and their first time there. Mark first call was from a cranky woman. Michael had fun talking to people.

I've been volunteering for years at WETA. Events like these are exciting. You get to meet people, like Annie, and get to know people like Bill, Christine, and Gary.


Last Movie Night Michael picked up 3 movies and let us decide which one. The consensus was for Jin-Rô, an anime flick.

At first you think this movie is about a totalitarian government versus rebels. But it's actually about the politics between two policing forces.

The movie had a heavy but apropos metaphor to Little Red Riding Hood. The version referenced was Rotk�pchen, which included a chapter i've never heard before. It's the part where LRRH drinks some "red wine".

I like how the movie was on the side of the wolves for a change.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

I'm going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival today, opening day.

Michael's driving and i'm not to happy about that.

Nandu, a coworker told me he will be going today or tomorrow. Hopefully i will get to see his family again. Nandu and Nina have had me over for dinner.

Titus, Film Festival

Last night, Michael selected Titus another Shakespear story in iambic pentameter. I'm glad to learn a story i probably wouldn't have otherwise.

What i draw from the movie is what Mark mentioned; it's about a warrior who returns to Rome, makes decisions based on his principles, and comes to his demise. I also got the impression that Titus lost pride of his country as its leaders vie for power.

I'm going to this Film Fest, normally held at NIH, it's now in my backyard at Strathmore.


Just got in from movie night. Michael selected Othello . The movie was good insofar as i never knew the Shakespearian story. Perhaps i would have enjoyed the evening more if Shmucko wasn't an hour and a half late.