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Brian has BS degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor focus on linguistics and philosophy.

Computer Science Mathematics Other
CMSC112 Computer Scienct I MATH141 Calculus II LING240 Language and the Mind
CMSC150 Introduction to Discrete Structures MATH240 Introduction to Linear Algebra LING350 Philosophy of Language
CMSC113 Computer Science II MATH241 Caclulus III LING200 Introductory Linguistics
CMSC251 Algorithms MATH406 Introduction to Number Theory PHIL250 Philosophy of Science I
CMSC311 Computer Organization MATH246 Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy
CMSC330 Organization of Programming Languages MATH402 Algebraic Structures GNED118S Issues in Science, Technology, and Society
CMSC420 Data Structures MATH452 Introduction to Dynamics and Chaos HIST175 Science and Technology in the Western Civilization
CMSC411 Computer Systems Architecture MATH475 Combinatorics and Graph Theory ENGL393 Technical Writing
CMSC412 Operating Systems MATH450 Logic for Computer Science ENGL101 Intro to Writing
CMSC422 Programming Robots MATH410 Advanced Calculus I HONR159M Science in Science Fiction
CMSC421 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence MATH412 Advanced Calculus with Applications GVPT170 American Government
CMSC434 Human Factors in Computer and Information Systems MATH403 Introduction to Abstract Algebra ASTR100 Introduction to Astronomy
CMSC430 Theory of Language Translation MATH456 Cryptology ARCH170 Introduction to the Build Environment
CMSC433 Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms AMSC460 Computational Methods MUSC140 Music Fundamentals I
CMSC435 Software Engineering ASTR380 Life in the Universe
CMSC451 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms HLTH377 Human Sexuality
CMSC414 Computer and Network Security CMLT270 Global Literature and Social Change