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Could you tweak TrickleUp so that when a commenter checks the e-mail notify box, she isn't notified of her own comment? While I like to know when someone comments on my comment, I don't really need to be notified that I just wrote something. :)
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Good idea Katie. It took me a minute to track where i needed to make a change, but eventually found it in an SQL query. Each time a comment is submitted, the comment tells it's parent to notify all it's interested children authors about the comment. I needed to add one exception, viz. the author of the comment itself.

Hopefully i won't be notified of this comment.

parent post: enhancement request
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emailAllExcept() is present, notify() not so much

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Just confirming. Yes the code is there:

$Parent->emailAllExcept( $Conn, $this->AuthorName );

But sometime over the years, this went missing:

parent post: enhancement request
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