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Quarz and Aqua are not open source

Small correction: "Linux on G5" or "Linux on Apple". Mac is an OS. You know my primary reason: Quartz and Aqua are not open source.
Optimization of hard ware is not that important to me. Granted X11 is archaic; i want alpha rendering. Very little of my computer use involves 3D (no games). And if it did, i don't need 50 fps. For I/O i think the linux SATA drivers are just fine. I have no interest in running other MacOS X software or other Windows software. My gain: a non-kludgey KDE with 8+ desktops, window shading, Plastik widgets. My gain: the Debian operating system. By that i don't mean GNU/Linux, but i mean all the supporting applications. Debian has a powerful package manager (you don't have anything like that in OS X) which is also integrated with the OSS culture. It's so easy to get the source, make improvements, contribute back to the author, and improve the state of OSS.
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