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Big Fish

Last night's movie was my pick. Big Fish is about a son confronting his dying father about his persistent story telling. There are two main ideas i draw from this movie.

First is the title metaphor. It describes how one's popularity is only as big as the surrounding one lives in, just as a goldfish is limited in growth to the size of it's tank.

The other is about the embellishment of stories for entertainment value. I'm more like Edward's son in this movie, seeking facts and a true representation of events. But i do see the benefits to a little puffery.

Overall i enjoyed this movie. 7 of 10



hi this the first "comment" in ur see if it'll work...8 years until someone who actually isnt a lazy bum poss a comment..wowow...cya bye WIII is waiting!! BY THE LIGHT OF ELUNE~ milan
blargh!!! this is actually were u right- wtever bell rung so g2g!!!
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