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Remote Articles

The latest feature for TrickleUp is RemoteArticles. There are a few blogs that i read daily. Occasionally there's a good article. I want to somehow link my blog to it. There's one way to do this. Create a new "article" on my blog that refers to that article. This may or may not leave a track back on their blog.

A new way is to grab the RSS feed of that "article" and put it on my blog. This is known as slurping.

My inspiration for this idea comes through Laura's web site on the LinuxChix Live site.

So far i can slurp RSS 1.0 (RDF) feeds, but it's easy to build handlers for all of them.


article listing

this descending order of articles is really annoying. infact, sometimes it prevents me from checking if you have any new articles (not all of us use rss readers). have you considered thats why the last few articles havnt been commented on?
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