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The Polar Express

Last night Mom and i went to see The Polar Express. It was fantastic. It's based on the book written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg.

This movie is computer generated. Movement of the actors was recorded and digitally transferred to models. A close up on Tom Hanks face reveals tens of points of interest to record his facial expressions. That's one element that makes this movie so amazing. In my opinion the other is the waves and wrinkles in clothing as a character moves. In other movies like Shrek 2, you will see this represented when Prince Charming (or whoever) whips his hair around. I'm curious to know if this movement is recorded manually or derived via physics from the movement of joints and intersection of objects. Either way, it looked real... very real, like when the boy's mother says goodnight to him.

My favorite scenes include just about anything with the railroad, including hot chocolate, meeting the hobo, skiing on the train, and the breaking ice. This movie is filled with adventure and excitement. I highly recommend all people, children or adults, see this movie.


scene names

are those scene names chapters from the books or did you just guess really well?
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