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Comments on A Kitchen Theory

Celeste wrote a strawman on small techy gadgets with many functions. Here's my contribution.

I agree when you say multipurpose devices are harder to use, my DVD/VCR remote control, which can also control my TV, has a complex array of features.

I think the key here is the interaction among devices. In the kitchen it's the cook who moves food (content) from one device to the next. In gadgets the content is information, bits not atoms (see Negroponte). The agent that moves it is electronics. It's easy to build such connected devices. Disconnected devices are still being developed. We don't see bluetooth in many devices yet. When we do these devices will regain their single purpose.

About reaching a state of technology where the computer is not visible, will we really see that? How old is the television? (A question for another day is, how much has the television improved?)


oh christ, youve GOT to fix your comments. a) you dont allow for enough characters b) I WAS UNDER YOUR 800 CHAR LIMIT AND IT STILL YELLED AT ME you lost my response. too bad because it answered your question about the television
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