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Comments on National ID Card Paper

Here are my comments on Reject the National Id Card by Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

We already have an id card, our state driver's license (or non-driver id). Do you hear people complaining about infringements of liberty on the state level? No. With regard to databases, we are already listed in two that i can think of IRS and Census, not to mention a good percentage listed in VA, military, and social services.

A National ID Card would just be a cosmetic change. Just a change in name.

It's not like you must carry your license with you every where you go, just if you are driving. It's not like your identity is checked anywhere, just in critical locations, eg. airports.

"History shows that governments inevitably use the power to monitor the actions of people in harmful ways. " I'd like to see an example of this.

"...but she should have never been able to cross our border in the first place!" I strongly agree with this statement.

Regarding the SSN, the University of Maryland had changed their policy of using the SSN as the student id. It's now a different number.

I don't understand why people think of "the government" as one unified entity, separated from the people. Employees in government are also citizens. They're our friends and family.


Government Spying Actions

For examples of actions of governments (in this case ours) spying on it's own people you only need to go back 30 or so years to the Nixon regime. <COINTELPRO> If you don't know what that word stands for, you need to read your history. I would also argue that the "Patriot Act" has some chilling aspects to it as well in present times.

To quote a great American:

those who would give up essential liberties to aquire temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.

Benjamin Franklin

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for some reason when I made my comments the word COINTELPRO was omitted mysteriously. (big brother at work!!) :-) COINTELPRO was the infamous Nixon/FBI underground program for domestic spying. The history of this is fairly well documented in many places.
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I think the major issue here isnt the idea of having a National ID Card, but the issues of the Federal Government issuing these IDs instead of our states and requiring all citizens to have one, not just ones who sign up for it. Different states have different policies on what the requirements for applying for a state ID...
... However, you still have to apply in order to receive one. Same with a passport. Some people believe a passport is a National ID because it is applied to and received by the Federal Government. *Applied* is the key word, you are not required to apply for a passport. When you dont apply for these documents, you variably leave yourself out of a lot of rights, such as jury duty (arguably a right) and voting. You dont need to sign up for things like taxes, which are for the most part Federally mandated. I guess what Im saying is a Federal ID is not the same as a Drivers License and its not the same as a Passport. A Federal ID is more like taxes than any of those things. (I know, thats a stretch.. )
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