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Mark and i returned to DC's instance of the Neutrino Video Project with the Washington Improv Theater at DCAC; this time joined by Laura and Michael.

This trip was just as good as the last trip.

I was disappointed to hear some of the same music again. Bjorn picks out some good selections, but i wanted to hear more.

The impov once again steamrolled towards the extremes of relationship behaviors. It's like their purpose is to produce a melodrama.

One team was interesting. It was about a women about to get married to some man and her friend who still longs for her. I was amazed to see them pull of a couple dream sequences and a shot of a man speaking to himself via a mirror. Well done.

On the other hand, all i can remember of this other team was an argument about eating dog biscuits, sacrifice, and a scene in the back of a car, if you know what i mean.

The third team tried to make a situation about being a sales associate. I think they didn't realize there was no situation here.


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