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When Harry Met Sally

What a great classic! Yeah it's a fun little movie about a couple meeting. But it's more than that.

I see myself represented in both Sally and Harry. On one side i like to be organized, just like Sally orders her food. An example is in the software i write. I often thin cleanliness is godliness. On the other hand, i like to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) like Harry. For example, i'm not a cappuccino person. A cup of joe is fine by me.

Laura selected this one. Both she and Michael were restaurant scene virgins. Michael was amazed to know that all the orgasms he has ever caused, may have been faked.

There was one scene where Harry and Sally were walking down the street on a fall day. That's a great scene, scenemetographically.

This movie mentions how a man-woman couple could never be friends -- bogus in my opinion -- and in Therese's blog, she write about Dating, Sex, and the Nash Equilibrium, a related topic. Yes that's the Nash from A Beautiful Mind.


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